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OHNE Titanium 2" Heavy Duty Exhaust Wrap, 50 ft. (OHN-EW-2-50-T)

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Titanium exhaust wrap kit, 2" wide, 50 ft. long, thick heavy duty construction for best thermal protection.



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Sold by: OHNE

OHNE is the go-to source for unbranded high-quality performance parts. We strictly avoid the costs of heavy branding so we can pass the savings on to you, our customers. "Ohne" literally means "without" in German, so our name is "without brand" and we spend every day working to get you high quality performance parts at unbeatable prices. We are proud to be a free shipping vendor on Level X Motorsports.

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Product Description
Vehicle Fitment

OHNE's mission is to provide top quality motorsports parts at affordable prices. Exhaust wrap is no different. This 2" wrap is a thick and heavy duty construction that exceeds other manufacturer's thermal capabilities. Direct heat rating to 1800 F. Intermittent heat rating to 2500 F.
  • Manufacturer OHNE
  • Level X SKU OHN-EW-2-50-T
  • Manufacturer SKU EW-2-50-T
  • UPC
  • Weight (lbs) 1.9000
  • Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
  • Country of Manufacture China
  • Width 2 in.
  • Length 50 ft.
  • Direct Heat Rating 1800 F
  • Intermittent Heat 2500 F
  • Color Titanium
No fitment data available. Please refer to the product description for details.
Questions & Answers About Exhaust Wrap

How much exhaust wrap do I need?

This varies a lot depending on your application. Use our handy calculator to figure it out!

How much exhaust header wrap do I need for a V-8?

A typical wrap of V-8 exhaust headers requires either 2x 50' or a single 100' roll.

How much exhaust wrap do I need for long tube headers?

Lots! Based on our experience, you need about 60' of 1" wrap per side. Alternatively, some folks have used two rolls of 35' or 33' of 2" wrap instead. Don't take our word for it though. Either buy extra or just use our calculator.

How much exhaust wrap do I need for a motorcycle?

It's best to use the calculator to get a more detailed estimate, but based on our experience, it's best to get a 50" roll. Don't forget to buy locking ties as well if your buying separately or just get an exhaust wrap kit instead.

Can I use hose clamps on my exhaust wrap instead of locking ties?

This is not recommended. While it may seem like a great idea, hose clamps have a tendency to loosen up over time and may also cut into your exhaust wrap, thus damaging it.

My locking ties appear a little loose around the wrapped exhaust pipe. Is that an issue?

No problem. This can happen and they will work just fine.

What's the benefit of titanium wrap over regular wrap?

The major difference is that it does not need to be wetted to install. It is much more flexible than standard exhaust wrap and thus easier to install.

How do I decide to use 1" or 2" wrap?

For tighter bends, it's recommended to use 1" wrap to get around them smoothly vs. 2" wrap.

Do I need to cure my pipes in an oven after wrapping them?

No, simply start the engine. No matter which exhaust wrap you choose, it will smoke when you start the engine while the wrap burnishes. Titanium wrap smokes very little compared to the fiberglass based wraps. Either way, you will want to be in a well ventilated area while this occurs.


We also maintain a guide with further Q&A around exhaust header wraps.